Utah Summer Camping, July 2005
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Our first jaunt was to the nearby LaSal Mtns. We drive up to Beaver Basin and camped at around 10,500 feet. The snow was cool and refreshing!
Zane led us up the trail, lo and behold there was an old miner's cabin up there. Quite a view but a bit chilly in the winter I would imagine.

When the weather heats up, it's time to head for the mountains to cool off!
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We did not see any beavers up there, but the next morning this fellow was rambling around near the campsite. We haven't seen many porcupines but this one sure seemed to be on the large end of the porcupine scale.
After spending the morning playing in the snow it was back down to the lowlands to get hot again.
Near our first campsite there was a nice aspen forest, the Indian Paintbrush and Lupine still in bloom.
We saw "Cliff Dwelling" marked on the map, so the next day we set out to find it. After a bit of wandering around in Dry Wash Canyon, including an adventurous scramble through a water tunnel in the canyon wall, we came upon these Anasazi ruins.
Next weekend it was off to the Abajo Mtns, which are located west of Monticello, Utah. Here we are atop North Creek Pass, elevation 10,300 feet. Although not as high as the LaSals, we were cool and refreshed once again.
We headed further west for our next campsite near Deep Canyon, which is shown here. There were tremendous views over the country to the south and west. Although the urge to continue exploring this area was great, it was time once again to return to the desert heat. Hopefully we'll make it back again.