Moving To Utah, June 2005
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After collecting stuff for 15 years in our house in Santa Barbara, we cleaned out and loaded up to head to Utah. Here Audrey the turkey supervises the loading of the trailer.
We all (3 humans, 4 turkeys, 1 chicken, 2 cats, a tadpole and a newly hatched butterfly) survived the 15 hour drive. It was actually quite uneventful.

First order of business was to finish construction of the turkey pen. Amazing what you can do with an old truck bed frame. Hopefully it will keep the poultry in and the varmints (coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, bears) out.

Actually, this page should be titled: The Critters move to Utah; Glenn Tana and Zane come along too.
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As we unpacked and tried to find places to hide all of the stuff we brought, the critters got used to their new surroundings. Here Bill the Cat checks out the progress on the barn. He actually walked up to the top of the rafters to check out the view.
After getting things organized and under control the visitors started arriving and it was time to go have some fun. First we did a little whitewater rafting with Aunt Mo. Here we are canoeing down a flat stretch of the Colorado river with our friends the sillies. It was a beautiful day and very warm so we were happy to be out on the water.
The cats and the turkeys have negotiated an uneasy truce. Is the door protecting Kitty Navaho from the birds, or the birds from the cat?
Audrey is still Zane's favorite turkey. Although she is getting bigger she still likes to sit on his lap and take a nap.
Another place we go escape the heat is Onion Creek, a nice spot to plop your lawn chair in the shade and feet in the water to hide from the mid-day heat. On July 4 we practically had the place to ourselves. Zane thought it was a great spot to have lunch.
More to come ....