Zane's Australian Friends
Here I am feeding some wild Rock Wallabies at Alice Springs.
We visited a Crocodile farm and I got to hold a baby Croc!
It had a rubber band on its mouth so it would not bite.
At the Rainforest Habitat park in Port Douglas I got to pet a Koala. Its fur was very soft and fluffy.
Feeding the Kangaroos was lots of fun. This big guy was my favorite.When it stood on its hind legs
it was taller than me!
The little Wallabies were fun to feed too!
In Darwin we got to feed the fish. They actually come up and eat right out of your hand and splash you!
This is possible the world's smallest Gecko. This little fellow spent the night with us in our Hotel in Port Douglas.It is only 1 and a half centameters long.
We visited the Bat House in Cape Tribulation. I got to pet this Fruit Bat, who was very friendly. His name was Pushkin.
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