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We thought this to be a nice and very Buddhist way of urging us not to walk off the path.
This sign was near the top of Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand. Due to the location, we think they meant altitude sickness, but then again we have attitude sickness from time to time, so it is hard to tell.
Sparks may suddenly come out of the back of your head!
Definitely zoom in to see what's on the menu. We had no idea, and were not brave enough to try.
This was at a tea plantaion. According to our guide, what they were really trying to say was "Do Not Pick The Tea Leaves" although we feel the version on the sign is much more effective.
The Thai language does not seem to allow for spaces between the words, which is reflected in this sign which we believe to be warning us that the path may be slippery.
This sign was at the front door of our hotel. This fruit is so stinky they don't even let it inside the building!
This sign was on the street in Bangkok. It worked well - I saw nobody blowing a trumpet.
We saw some interesting signs in Thailand. Click on any photo to see an enlarged image.