Sydney Australia Jan 2009
On our way to Thailand we spent three very enjoyable days in Sydney
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First stop, the (in)famous Harry's, which has been dishing out pies and such for about 60 years. I was hoping for a "floater", or a pie floating in a bowl of pea soup. Floater technology has evolved, so I settled for a "Tiger" , which has mashed potatoes, mashed peas, and gravy stacked on the pie (no bowl needed!). Click photo to see the Tiger.
Next to the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the most famous landmark in Sydney Harbour. We enjoyed wathcing the ferry and other boat traffic go under the bridge, and walking on the deck of the bridge for a great view. You may notice some small specks on top of the bridge above the ferry boat. These are people climbing to the top of the bridge. We did not do this!
Circular Quay (pronounced "key" by the Queens legions) was a great place to wander around, look at the sights and the other tourists. And of course you are never far from the good ol Opera House.
We took the ferry across the Harbour to the Sydney Zoo, which was quite nice. Here Zane checks out yet another view of the Opera House as our ferry heads back to Circular Quay.
We did manage to escape the grasp of the Opera House to wander up into the "Rocks" area, which has th oldest surviving buildings in town, as well as a weekend market that we found to be a nice (although hot) place to wander around.
From the bridge you get a great view overlooking the Harbour and Opera House. A fun place to watch the ferries and other boats cruising around the Harbour.
Speaking of the Opera House, we spent quite a bit of time in it, near it, or looking at it from various vantage points. It is a truly amazing building and just seems to attract your gaze whenever it is in sight.
Zane especially liked checking out the buskers, many of whom did some interesting tricks. At least we thought they were interesting until we went to see the "Grand Cirque" at the Opera House - the acrobatics and gymnastic were amazing, and adjusted our opinion of the talent level of the street performers.