Utah Sept-Oct 2008
While visiting everyone back in the States, we managed a few outings to see the sights in Utah and Western Colorado.
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Eagle Park is in the northenmost area of Arches National Park. Since you have to walk there, very few people visit. In fact, Bill and Glenn hardly saw a human footprint during our hike. True to its name, we did see Eagles.
Bill also pointed the way to some local rock art, the location of which had escaped Glenn's memory. This figure is often referred to as "Intestine Man" or the "Guts Guy", and is a fine example of the artistic skills of the local residents of long ago. Too bad they are not around to explain what it all means - we can only guess.
Alan and Glenn also went along for a hike to Ring Arch in Arches National Park. No thundering herds of tourists out here, even though you can see the road from the arch.
We took a quick trip to western Colorado to visit Jimbo. He was kind enough to take us up to the Maroon Bells above Aspen. The colors were perfect and the scenery was fantastic.
Not much more you can say about scenery like this!
The Guarr and Kincaid clans joined us for an outing in Arches National Park. There were plenty of visitors there that day but that did not stop us from seeing some great Arches and Rock formations. This area is near Sand Dune Arch.
Alan joined Glenn for a hike in nearby Professor Valley. Although we had done this hike the previous year, we were interested to see how the scenery had changed as a result of a massive flash flood that had roared through there a few weeks before. Indeed the landscape was much different - note the rocks and debris piled up against the tree trunks!
On to Glenwood Springs Colorado, where we met some Silly friends for a bike ride along the extremely scenic Glenwood Canyon bike path, followed by a soak in the Glenwood Hot Pools. What more could one ask for?