Tasmania Jan 2008 (1 of 4)
School Holiday Time, and we are off to explore Tasmania.
No matter what our travel agent says, it is not possible to drive there.
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After arriving in Hobart and collecting our campervan, our first stop was Mt. Field National Park. They have some mighty big trees here, purported to be the tallest flowering plants in the world.
There are several nice waterfalls in the park as well. Unfortunately there had been quite a drought going on so they were not booming. On the plus side, it was not raining. This is Russell Falls, located in an area of tremendously cool rainforest, with massive tree ferns all over the place.
After Mt. Field, it was up the arid central portion of the island, on our way to the northeast coast. Many of the towns had fantastic collections of stone buildings and bridges built in the mid 1800's using convict labor. As you can see, some of the convicts did not make it beyond the Bothwell Cemetary.
We found the Friendly Beaches of the Freycinet Peninsula to be just that, as well as magnificently beautiful and quite deserted.
Just down the coast, the iconic Wineglass Bay was certainly not deserted. It is quite possible we saw more hikers on this trail than all the other walks we took in Tasmania combined. The view was certainly nice.
We walked through a grove of Pandani plants, which are quite interesting looking. We were certain Dr. Seuss had seen these at some point.
Luckily we had our personal chef along, so dinners were not a problem.
We rambled through some great rainforest near St. Columbia Falls in the Pyengana Valley.