Utah July 2007
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Winter in New Zealand, time for some warm weather, for as Zane would say "That's hotter than July In Utah!" Our first visit to the completed barn, and it was great to catch up with our firends and neighbors. Here's the compound looking sharp.
And it was hot, which we enjoyed. We also enjoyed cooling off. Here Zane occupies one of his favorite spots for just such an activity.
If you walk up the creek in Professor Valley eventually you reach this chokestone which prevents further progress unless you are willing to climb up and around, which was not an appealing thought for such hot weather. It sure is nice to stand under the water for a few minutes though!
We returned to Professor Valley to retrieve a few tadpoles. We were successful in the hunt and brought them back to live in our outdoor clawfoot tub.
After about a week the tadpoles had done their thing and little toads started appearing in their place.
We did manage a few outings, mostly sticking close to the water. During a visit to Negro Bill canyon Zane is off on a crawfish hunt. This year there were also some beaver in the creek, judging from all the freshly chewed branches, although we did not see any actual beavers.
We visited nearby Professor Valley for a several hikes. There are some nice narrow sections and the creek is good for keeping cool on a hot day. Here Tana explores a scenic side-canyon.
Wildfires burning in various places (thankfully none too close to us) provided some spectacular sun rises and sunsets.