Utah Fall 2005
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Tana explores a narrow section of Mary Jane Canyon. This terrific and unknown spot is just a few miles from our place in Castle Valley.
Zane feeds the wildlife at Lands End, which is located on Grand Mesa in western Colorado. (Kids - don't try this at home!)

Here are a few examples of how we managed to fill the time this fall in and around Utah.
Click on any photo to see an enlarged image.
We even managed a couple outings to see some of the local rock art. This petroglyph panel is located in Kane Creek just outside Moab. The large figure on the left is at leat 5 feet tall. We expecailly like the owl figure.
When the aspens turn it's time for a trip up to the LaSal Mountains. Our timing was excellent, as a storm came in a couple days later and blew down most of the color.
This is a nice rock art panel we were directed to and actually found. (not the usual outcome when we go looking for something like this) It is located near Trout Water Canyon in the Canyon Rims recreation area.
Back at Arches National Park, Zane checks out the sand under Sand Dune Arch.
When our friends Karl and Chris came to visit we headed for Arches, where Karl and Glenn explored the fiery furnace. The weather did not cooperate. We got rained on, hailed on 3 times, and experienced some exciting thunder, lightning, and wind.
It was still very beautiful.
Last outing for the year was to Aztec butte in Canyonlands National Park, where we found these nice Anasazi granaries, but no evidence that the Aztecs were ever there.