On May 21, 2009 We became New Zealand Citizens!!
We attened our Citizenship Ceremony in Blenheim, where we pledged allegience to the Queen and were declared Citizens of New Zealand by the mayor, who is shown here shaking Zane's hand.
There were approximately 15 new citizens on the day, from the United States, Africa, India, Europe, and Great Britain.
It was a fun and exciting time. Many of our friends and neighbors were there to support us.
Our first group photo as New Zealand Citizens!
The next day we celebrated by having a little (30 people) dinner party at our house. It was a rousing success - 24 adults, 20.5 empty bottles of wine! We were in for a bit of a surprise, as the locals decided we needed a true Kiwi ceremony to initiate us as citizens. Here are the officials - Beware!
Glenn was the first to brave the initiation ceremony. He emerged unscathed.
After pledging various things, some of which we would have preferred not to, we were declared true Kiwis, by the power of the big stick.